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Thank you for giving to Blackwood Educational Land Institute

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Give to Blackwood

Thank you for donating to Blackwood Educational Land Institute programs. Through your continued support we are able to continue our mission of modeling the indispensable role of regenerative food systems in all our lives. As a non-profit we seek to:

  • Practice restorative agricultural techniques to inspire and prepare the next wave of farmers and ecologists.
  • Teach a strong work ethic to youth as they learn where their food comes from.
  • Provide programming to cultivate awareness about how regenerative food systems are critical to solving our environmental crisis.
  • Demonstrate the essential balance of food production and land preservation.
  • Foster the discovery and renewal of relationships with the natural world.

We are grateful for all gifts, big and small; thank you for supporting our work.

Want to do more to support our mission at Blackwood? Volunteer, bring your school, or share your Blackwood story.

Pay by Check: If you prefer to donate by mail, please send your checks to Blackwood Educational Land Institute, P.O. Box 271347, Houston, TX, 77277.

Employee Matching: Many companies match (or triple!) their employees’ charitable contributions. To see if your workplace offers a matching gifts program, check with your employer or look to see if they’re listed here.

Blackwood’s tax ID is EIN 76-0617108.